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R 36 R FortuneTell Book Doc 27/4/05 10:26 am Page 37 It’s on the cards R R Eight You seem to be bored and dissatisfied with your lot, maybe because your long-laid plans seem to be stuck in the mire. This could make you want to try something new. But what? Aye there’s the rub. Nine Your health is great, your problems seem to evaporate almost as soon as they appear. If emotional joy and material gain are not yours at present, they soon will be. Ten A sudden wind of change will bring you more happiness that you thought was possible.

The fact that other people may not have the same high standards as the R 53 R FortuneTell Book Doc R 27/4/05 10:26 am Page 54 It’s on the cards R querent should not allow disillusionment to set in and cause long-laid plans to be abandoned. But seeing these through to successful completion may mean that ambition succeeds at the cost of openness. The four says that inner fears based on past disappointments, perhaps betrayal, may strew limitations and obstacles in the path of achieving ambitions. Life’s little injustices may cut deep, but the wounds are soon healed, so move forward even though doing so means taking losses that seem unfair.

And therein lies her weakness. She has a tendency to sentimentality and is prone to letting herself be so flooded by the sorrows and emotional needs of others that she drowns her own identity. And her willingness to be the emotional blotting paper of others may mean that they never reach full emotional independence. The Jack is the one who, more than other, loves being in love – but for sentiment’s sake. The card indicates a young person, or an older, emotionally vulnerable, incurable romantic who is seeking perfection.

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