Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Darklands Revisited by Thurston Hillman

By Thurston Hillman

Terrors from lower than underneath the interior Sea quarter stretches an unlimited community of echoing caverns, serpentine tunnels, and subterranean lakes, their lightless reaches haunted by way of creatures too unusual for many floor dwellers to visualize. This underground global is called the Darklands, and to these courageous adequate to enterprise into its shadows, it deals incomparable treasures and mind-warping hazards. Delve into the secrets and techniques of this subterranean realm’s citizens with information on their ecologies, societies, crusade roles, and extra. Pathfinder crusade atmosphere: Darklands Revisited presents every little thing you must hunt or befriend the denizens of the depths, together with creatures reminiscent of: • Demon-worshiping drow and their forever scheming homes. • Gray-skinned duergar slavers, kept away from by way of all different dwarves for his or her worship of an evil god. • Gugs, the four-armed giants of the Dreamlands’ tunnels. • mind devourers, who get rid of sufferers’ brains and put on their our bodies. • Munavris, albino psychics who struggle opposed to evil within the inner most depths of the Darklands. • Degenerate morlocks, who hunt people whilst they worship them. • Wormlike neothelids, plotting to carry their fell gods to Golarion. • Troglodytes, the fallen scions of an enormous reptilian empire. • Vampiric, daemon-crafted urdefhans, wanting to unfold demise and discomfort. • Fungal vegepygmies and the carnivorous mould that births them. Pathfinder crusade atmosphere: Darklands Revisited is meant to be used with the Pathfinder crusade atmosphere, yet can simply be tailored to any myth global.

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This Pathfinder participant significant other is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game, yet can simply be included into any myth global.

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Here they discarded their Azlanti titles, surviving in tight-knit communities. The munavris found themselves bereft of most of the gods of their old pantheon, who had either died during Earthfall or retreated beyond the reach of mortal prayers. In response, many among them reached out to Empyreal Lords for help. The celestial demigods answered by protecting the munavris’ burgeoning settlements, showing them means of building ships and structures in the absence of trees. Munavris have changed over the centuries, their hair and skin having paled to a bone white.

Spiritual advisors are typically witches, oracles, or shamans who venerate the morlocks’ ancestors. Some morlocks find patronage from deities, notably Lamashtu, whose hand is said to have helped shape exiled humans into the first morlocks. Lamashtu sought to corrupt humanity just as the demon lords of the Abyss tempted the elves into becoming the modern drow. What Lamashtu did not anticipate was humanity’s prideful devotion to itself. While her gifts twisted the humans into morlocks, Lamashtu never truly ruled this new race.

While the azatum often holds the majority of influence in the community, the agathum and archum are tasked with creating balanced views and providing counsel for the protector marshal. Admirals lead munavri families, with captains commanding individual sailing vessels or squads. The munavris’ crenelated settlements, known as conurbations, range in size from small to large cities, and provide shelter to thousands. Violence rarely occurs in the conurbations; arguments are handled by escalating concerns up the hierarchy for resolution.

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