Dark Adeptus by Ben Counter

By Ben Counter

The sequel to Ben Counter's hugely well known "Grey Knights" brings again Captain Alaric and his brothers in an all-new event. whilst a planet that vanished 100 years previous mysteriously reappears, the gray Knights are despatched all the way down to examine even if it's been corrupted by means of Chaos. full of fast paced motion, "Dark Adeptus" pits the courageous gray Knights daemon hunters opposed to the servants of darkness.

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So. ' Feogrym spoke a few words, dark sounds that didn't belong to any register a human was supposed to hear. Urkrathos scowled as he recognised the dark tongue used by worshippers of Tzeentch, the Change God. Feogrym was one of those degenerates who wor-shipped one Chaos god over all the others, not realising that they were all part of the same many-faceted force that men called Chaos. The blood rose in flakes off the floor, the flakes liq-uefying and running together like floating pools of quicksilver.

He remembered the feeling of blood spattering on his few remaining areas of biological flesh, its warmth, its smell and felt a flicker of human emotions like bloodlust and exultation. Eventually, such crude-ness would be gone from Scraecos and he would be a perfect being of logic in the sight of the Omnisiah. Yes, Scraecos could kill. But there were far more effective murderers on Chaeroneia. Scraecos's first task, then, would be to summon those killers from the furthest corners of Chaeroneia's dataconstructs and give them the scent of their prey.

The bridge was buzzing. The Tribunicia had not fired a shot in anger for some time and Horstgeld had almost forgotten how it felt when danger was near. Now only the Emperor's guns and the Emperor's torpedoes stood between the good of the Imperium and the depredations of the Enemy. It was a good feeling. It was why Horstgeld had been put in this galaxy. ' shouted Horstgeld heartily. ' came the response from the raw throat of the confessor up on the pulpit. ' If the command crew disliked Horstgeld's habit of having the Confessor spouting prayers, they didn't show it.

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