American bypaths: essays in honor of E. Hudson Long by Eugene Hudson Long, R. G. Collmer

By Eugene Hudson Long, R. G. Collmer

Covers a various diversity of pursuits in American literature.

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Long's colleagues at Baylor University, offer this collection with respect to a noted scholar and teacher. They owe thanks to the authors of the nine essays who have taken the time from busy lives to show their respect for Hudson Long by writing within their specialties or research activities. Other persons have contributed to the creation of the collection. This volume has been published by the Markham Press Fund of Baylor University, established in memory of Dr. L. N. and Princess Finch Markham of Longview, Texas, by their daughters, Mrs.

When Loving died at Fort Sumner the next year, his last request was "Take me back to Texas. "4 But the breed kept coming. 6 After 1880 the immigrant tide was unstoppable until it meshed with the settled people of Spanish-Mexican-Indian stock at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Drought on occasion sent the Texans on an 3 Martin Hardwick Hall, Sibley's New Mexico Campaign (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1960), passim. 4 Walter P. Webb and H. ; Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1952), II, 87.

If the book has a hero, and it does, that hero is Billie Prince. " He was twenty-one years of age and had trailed cattle for Homer Webb for three years. Physically, he looked as follows: 30Raine, Arizona Guns, p. 139. 31Raine, Arizona Guns, pp. 196197. 32Raine, Arizona Guns, p. 54. 33Raine, Arizona Guns, p. 77. 34Raine, Arizona Guns, p. 120. Page 30 This lean, brown-faced man walked the way of the strong. Men recognized the dynamic force of his close-gripped jaw, the power of his quick, steady eye, the patience of his courage.

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