Alkylene Oxides and Their Polymers by F.E. Bailey

By F.E. Bailey

A entire remedy of a big kinfolk of polymers important in a variety of purposes in such fields as car, pharmaceutical, beauty, metal-working, mining, commercial coating, fabric, development, and residential furniture. Summarizes the chemistry and mechanisms; presents simple prepa

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G. Farbenindustrie, AG (13). It was during the 1940s that the base-initiated polymerization of propylene oxide began to be used to produce products that are still in use today (14). In a series of patents by H. R. Rife and F. H. Roberts (15), poly (propylene oxide)s are described that are initiated in the presence of alcohols to produce ether propoxylates. These liquid polymers had methoxy or butoxy groups on one end of the polyether chain and were used as lubricants and hydraulic fluids. This work was quickly followed by other derivatives, which included esters and mixed alkoxylates of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide (16).

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