Aikido: the basics by Bodo Roedel

By Bodo Roedel

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The bottom is resting on his heels, the toes are propped up and the back is held straight. Uke’s arm is being held firmly but not pressed down on the mat.

Tori’s thumb and Uke’s arm lie in a line. When the wrist is grabbed hold of, Tori and Uke slowly try to imagine a picture that a triangle is formed where both of their hands meet at the tip of it. 2010 9:48 Uhr Seite 45 FOOT MOVEMENTS In the tenkan movement – with the grip shown earlier particularly in mind – it is not just only to do with the turning action, because Tori could practice this alone. Rather it is also about finding a joint point of contact. By using a grip this is relatively simple, because, first of all Uke and Tori are not moving.

In the first example of the irimi, Uke attacks with a jodan tsuki (punch at Tori’s face – see Page 281). Ideally, the distance is so large that Uke has to take another step in order to reach Tori). The feet are in the gyaku-hanmi stance. At the moment that Uke starts his attack, Tori also moves – from his stable position – by already bringing his rear leg forward. 2010 9:48 Uhr Seite 40 AIKIDO – THE BASICS When Uke thinks he can strike Tori, Tori glides past Uke’s punch and enters Uke’s radius of action.

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