Aïkido: Fondamental by Tissier C.

By Tissier C.

Книга Aikido Fondamental Aikido FondamentalКниги Боевое искусство Автор: C.Tissier Год издания: 1979 Формат: pdf Страниц: 231 Размер: 110,5 мб Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Оченьхорошая книгапо Aikido знаменитого мастера

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If an enemy attacked the capital, the fires were lit to signal the feudal lords that their emperor was in danger, and they would immediately send out troops to help. The fires were not to be lit unless the situation was critical. However, the emperor thought of a way to use them to please Bao Shi. He ordered the signal fires lit. The feudal lords thought that the capital city was in great danger, so a vast and mighty army of soldiers soon came running. When Bao Shi saw all the troops rushing crazily about in a nervous frenzy, she unconsciously let out a great laugh.

Frequently, internal and external styles are also judged by how the Jin (勁) is manifested. Jin is defined as “Li and Qi” (力氣) (Li means muscular strength). It is how the muscles are energized by the Qi and how this manifests externally as power. ”5 If you are interested in this rather substantial subject, please refer to Dr. Yang’s books: Tai Chi Theory & Martial Power, or Essence of Shaolin White Crane—Martial Power and Qigong. Every type of energy in this universe is called Qi. When the term was later applied to the human body, it meant the energy which the body maintains or circulates.

Then, in the third section, the concept of Bagua (the Eight Trigrams) will be reviewed. In order to help you understand the cultural background of Chinese martial arts, the 10 Chapter 1: General Introduction connection between Chinese martial arts and the Yi Jing (易經) (Book of Changes) will be discussed in the fourth section. In the fifth section, we will translate an ancient document to define Baguazhang. Finally, in the last two sections, the history of Baguazhang will be surveyed and the contents of Baguazhang training will be presented.

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