Advances in Research and Applications by G.D. Aurbach (Eds.)

By G.D. Aurbach (Eds.)

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Réponse à l’écologisme: Comment La Connaissance Permet De Réfuter Les Peurs Entretenues

Face à l. a. désinformation obtenue par los angeles répétition du "prêt-à-penser écologiste" et sa pénétration généralisée dans les écoles, de los angeles maternelle à l'enseignement supérieur, et dans notre règlementation, cet ouvrage suggest un début de réponses opinions argumentées. Il est grand temps d'abandonner l. a. faith de l'écologisme et les déclamations incantatoires pour nous tourner vers les sciences de l'environnement et de los angeles santé.

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D. CONTROLLED SYSTEM There are functional changes in several components of the controlled system following a VMH lesion. , 1983). Insulin secretion by isolated islets or perfused pancreas rises by 2-fold or more within 7 days after VMH lesions (Smith and Campfield, 1986; Rohner-Jeanrenaud and Jeanrenaud, 1980). The neurotransmitter acetylcholine is less effective in stimulating insulin from islets of VMH-lesioned rats than from control rats and there is a shift in the log dose response curve. This is the effect one might expect from a tissue exposed to increased tonic stimulation.

It is possible, however, that the protein is synthesized and released in response to sympathetic activation of white adipose tissue. One other possible role for adipsin is the regulation of lipoprotein lipase. As a serine protease, it might be involved in the cleavage of lipoprotein lipase from its binding to endothelial surfaces and thus terminate its action. Basal glucose concentrations in the obese rats (falfa and LalNCp) are normal or slightly increased, although glucose intolerance develops progressively with age (see Bray and York, 1979).

However, Cox and Powley (1981) have demonstrated that disturbances in the cephalic phase are not essential for the development of obesity in animals with VMH lesions. The alterations in hormonal 18 G. A. BRAY et al. signals in hypothalamic obese animals are probably secondary to the alterations in nutrient intake and energy storage, rather than primary driving factors. Duggan and Booth (1986) have recently proposed that the mechanism for increased weight gain in hypothalamic obesity is the enhanced rate of gastric emptying.

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