Advances in Molecular Structure Research by Jeffrey M. Lemm

By Jeffrey M. Lemm

The examine of the constitution of molecular platforms is a permanent region of analysis. This sequence is dedicated to bringing jointly articles from prime staff within the box that draw jointly contemporary theoretical and experimental effects and advances in figuring out.

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In this light many "old" problems of the pioneering days of structural cluster chemistry can offer "new" insights and a wealth of information. A second important aspect relates to the properties (both chemical and physical) of the solid state material formed by a collection of such molecules. It is widely recognized that the engineering of new materials with given chemical and physical properties would be of extreme practical interest [3]. The design of molecular aggregates to form crystalline materials must rely on a knowledge not only of the chemical and physical properties of the molecules or ions, but also on appreciation of the forces controlling intermolecular interactions, nucleation, and growth of the crystalline solid from the molecules or ions [4].

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