Advances in Child Development and Behavior, Vol. 4 by Lewis P. Lipsitt (ed.), Hayne W. Reese (ed.)

By Lewis P. Lipsitt (ed.), Hayne W. Reese (ed.)

This quantity, one in a sequence, bargains with the constitution of developmental thought, recursive platforms, kid's iconic realism, the function of cognition in realizing gender results, the improvement of processing pace in youth and formative years and extra.

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Réponse à l’écologisme: Comment La Connaissance Permet De Réfuter Les Peurs Entretenues

Face à l. a. désinformation obtenue par los angeles répétition du "prêt-à-penser écologiste" et sa pénétration généralisée dans les écoles, de los angeles maternelle à l'enseignement supérieur, et dans notre règlementation, cet ouvrage suggest un début de réponses evaluations argumentées. Il est grand temps d'abandonner l. a. faith de l'écologisme et les déclamations incantatoires pour nous tourner vers les sciences de l'environnement et de l. a. santé.

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Seattle: Speci;il C’hild Publications. 1969. Flkind. D . Per-ceptual development i n the S i o ~ i x U . n p u b l i \ h c d manu\cript. 1909. J Pel-cept ti :iI t i-;i in I ng i i i i d read iiig :ic h ieve me 11t in d isad van taged / O ~ ” i ~ Z ~ 1969. /. 40. I I - I 9 chncider. CJ. Modified w o t d recognition. reading achievement and perceptual de-centr-ation. lio/ogj,1965, 107. 235-25 I . (a). , Koegler. K. U.. Rr Go. E. l‘ffcct\ o f perceptti;il training at three age levels. ic,rrc-e.

C,lrJi”iirnt, 1964, 35. 8 I 1-8 15. Harris, D . B. rion and extension of the G o o d e n o u g h Drtrii -,4-Murr 7esr. N e w York: Harcourt. Brace & World. 1963. Hochberg, J.. & Brooks, V . ;tudq of one child‘s performance. Atnrricczri J ( J I I ~ Y I~U! //P . w c h o l o g y 1962. , 7 5 , 624-678. Holmes. J . A , , & Singer. H . lheoretic,il model\ and trends toward more basic research in reading. R e vi e u~ofEdrrcutiontrl Kc,ci,urc,h 1964. 34. 127- 155. Kagan. J . Developmental studies i n rcllrctioii a n d analysis.

Identical MA scores may reflect \uch vastly different patterns of success and failure on intelligence test items that S s of equal MA may certainly nut be "y "process" we mean changes i n pc,rforiii;ince rewlting fr-om manipulation o f independent random variables. ; would be a reliable change in speed of learning a s a function of variation in t t i ociiitrbe value^ o i t h e material\ to be learned: u forgetting process might he a change i n I C C ~ I I I as i i function o f the length of the retention interval.

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