Advanced Nunchaku by Fumio Demura, Dan Ivan

By Fumio Demura, Dan Ivan

Written via Fumio Demura, one of many world's best specialists on eastern guns, this advisor to complicated nunchaku covers diversifications of twirling and swinging, with separate education kata.

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Bend very deeply at the knees keeping your back as straight as possible. You should be right underneath his centre of gravity. Pick him up by the head and throw him over your head by straightening your legs and arching your back, crab-like. G E O F F T H O M P S O N ’ S T H R O W S A N D T A K E - D O W N S 39 Greco-Roman Wrestling G E O F F 40 T H O M P S O N ’ S T H R O W S A N D T A K E - D O W N S The Snatch G E O F F T H O M P S O N ’ S T H R O W S A N D T A K E - D O W N S 41 Greco-Roman Wrestling Another alternative from the snatch is the same suplex via the opponent’s waist as opposed to his head.

To be honest the grip is the most exciting part of the fight to me, I love it. I know that from the outside it can all look a bit dull, it might look like nothing is happening when the players fight for grip, but when you know what you are looking at you’ll love it. It’s like a physical game of chess. And the power you feel once you understand and can use the grips. You get hold of people and they struggle to breathe let alone escape. It’s a fantastic part of grappling that I urge you not to overlook.

Once you have the throwing action off you will start finding the suplex from lots of different positions. Even when people make their entry for a throw you will find yourself picking them up and throwing them over your head. G E O F F T H O M P S O N ’ S T H R O W S A N D T A K E - D O W N S 55 Greco-Roman Wrestling Chapter Five Belly to Back Suplex This is the most common of all the suplex throws and the one most demonstrated in wrestling (show and shoot) matches. I also find that it is the easiest of all the suplex throws because you are actually behind the opponent and therefore he cannot defend very much, other than to fall forward on to his knee, which is OK because he is on the floor where you wanted him in the first place.

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