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Smalltalk. An introduction to application development using Visualworks

This is often an creation for college students who are looking to commence developing prototype functions in Smalltalk-80, yet who don't desire a close advisor to the implementation. Requiring no earlier publicity to Smalltalk-80 or object-oriented programming usually, the textual content deals an educational process, with lots of brief chapters, every one overlaying particular issues.

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A vintage Reissue within the IEEE Press sequence on Electromagnetic Wave concept —Donald G. Dudley, sequence Editor "Beautifully and obviously written and of the top technical caliber. " -Dr. Robert J. Mailloux, AFRL/SNH "A vintage paintings within the box. there are numerous specific descriptions of key electromagnetic techniques mentioned during this textual content that aren't came across anyplace else.

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Plutarch tells the tale of a guy who plucked a nightingale and discovering yet little to consume exclaimed: "You are only a voice and not anything extra. " Plucking the feathers of that means that hide the voice, dismantling the physique from which the voice turns out to emanate, resisting the Sirens' tune of fascination with the voice, targeting "the voice and not anything more": this is often the tough job that thinker Mladen Dolar relentlessly pursues during this seminal paintings.

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It is equivalent to a combination of cp and rm. It may be used to move multiple files to a directory, or even to rename a directory. For some examples of using mv in a script, see Example 9-15 and Example A-3. html (2 of 4) [7/15/2002 6:33:51 PM] Basic Commands When used in a non-interactive script, mv takes the -f (force) option to bypass user input. When a directory is moved to a preexisting directory, it becomes a subdirectory of the destination directory. bash$ mv source_directory target_directory bash$ ls -lF target_directory total 1 drwxrwxr-x 2 bozo bozo 1024 May 28 19:20 source_directory/ rm Delete (remove) a file or files.

Nl `basename $0` echo; echo # Now, let's try it with 'cat -n' cat -n `basename $0` # The difference is that 'cat -n' numbers the blank lines. # Note that 'nl -ba' will also do so. exit 0 pr Print formatting filter. This will paginate files (or stdout) into sections suitable for hard copy printing or viewing on screen. Various options permit row and column manipulation, joining lines, setting margins, numbering lines, adding page headers, and merging files, among other things. The pr command combines much of the functionality of nl, paste, fold, column, and expand.

E_BADARGS=65 if [ -z "$1" ] # Check for argument to script. then echo "Usage: `basename $0` pattern" exit $E_BADARGS fi echo for file in * # Traverse all files in $PWD. do output=$(sed -n /"$1"/p $file) # Command substitution. if [ ! -z "$output" ] # What happens if "$output" is not quoted? then echo -n "$file: " echo $output fi # sed -ne "/$1/s|^|${file}: |p" is equivalent to above. html (9 of 19) [7/15/2002 6:33:48 PM] Text Processing Commands done echo exit 0 # # # # Exercises: --------1) Add newlines to output, if more than one match in any given file.

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