Accion y Ideologia by Ignacio Martín-Baró

By Ignacio Martín-Baró

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Music and the Play of Power in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia

What's it in regards to the historical past, geographical place and cultures of the center East, North Africa and vital Asia that has made tune the sort of powerful and robust agent? This quantity provides the 1st direct examine the advanced courting among track and tool throughout various musical genres and nations.

Encyclopaedia Judaica Volume 22 (Thematic Outline & Index)

Encyclopaedia Judaica, quantity 22: Thematic define and Index
Encyclopaedia Judaica, quantity 22: Thematic define and Index

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Indeed, a large proportion of Ben Sira’s teaching consists of advice about how to conduct successful friendships, and how to avoid falling victim to oppressive patrons and jealous or resentful relatives (especially wives and daughters), slaves and clients; no ancient Jewish text, including other wisdom texts, is as obsessed with gift exchange and institutionalized reciprocity as Ben Sira, nor is any other ancient Jewish text as focused on honor. But Ben Sira repeatedly insists that, while reciprocity is dangerous, the wise = pious = Torah observant (the three are equivalent in Ben Sira’s thought) will succeed in mastering it, will dominate without being dominated, and indeed, that true honor inheres not (or not only) in wealth and worldly power but primarily in the fear of God.

The Problem with Mediterraneanism it was not identical with it. To be sure, Roman patronage was diverse in its political, social, and economic functions. 31 At lower social levels or in rural environments, it might still be a way of gaining access to officials, but it might serve more basic redistributive functions as well. 32 Whether or not we accept some of the more extreme claims made about its importance, the Romans and many of the people under their rule certainly had conceptions of something like honor, and honor certainly was an element in the practice of euergetism, even though the vendetta and the blood feud—important components of ethnographic Mediterranean honor, though not every version of it—were of little ascertainable importance to the Romans in historical times, perhaps owing to the availability of a more or less effective court system; why murder when you can sue?

35 To be sure, there were several reasons apart from the unassimilability of the Jews in the Roman state for the peculiar features of their treatment. One reason the rebellion lasted so long was that it coincided with the final tumultuous years of Nero’s reign and the year of chaos that followed his assassination; once affairs at Rome were settled, in July 69, the main part of the Jewish War was over within just over a year. The temple of Jerusalem and its priesthood had played a disproportionately large role in the revolt, and the siege had dragged on for several months—facts that partly explain the fate of Jerusalem at the hands of Titus.

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