A Fighter's Heart: One man's journey through the world of by Sam Sheridan

By Sam Sheridan

It happened to him that he may possibly eventually discover a long-held obsession: combating. inside a 12 months, he was once in Bangkok education with Thailand's maximum kickboxing champion and stepping during the ropes for his first expert bout. yet one struggle wasn't sufficient, and Sheridan got down to try himself on an epic trip into how and why we struggle, dealing with Olympic boxers, Brazilian jiu-jitsu stars, and supreme combating champions.

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Crumpled metal littered the road like scattered tissue paper. A girl from my bio class lay motionless on the ground with others I didn't recognize. Lots of limbs lay at unnatural angles. Moans and groans from more victims meant they were alive. I moved toward the carnage to help when pain doubled me over. It felt like hot pokers piercing my eyes. Breathing became almost impossible. I fell to the road, tears streaking my cheeks as flashes of each person's life played like disjointed movie trailers in my mind.

I turned the corner of the Land Rover and slumped against its side. "Excu—" I couldn't get the words out, so I tried to knock on the side of the vehicle to attract their attention. What little energy I had left seeped through my feet into the snow. My eyes wouldn't stay open for longer than nanoseconds. They didn't hear me. Then a crashing came through the woods behind me, and I turned to see a giant wolf launch itself at me. I screamed, I think. I'm not sure. The wolf grabbed a boot attached to a twill-clad leg that protruded from under the SUV, and began tugging.

Auntie leapt up, almost spilling her drink. "Your mother, I could spank her. "' But yeah, I'd wondered that too. Weren't my deathly skills a rather huge elephant to ignore? " she asked. " I had pleased her with my answer. " Color me crazy, but this sounded a hell of a lot like a couple of science lectures I'd already heard. " "Yes, but have you studied them? Really examined them? The thing that makes life, that breathes substance into a form is energy. " She paused as if waiting for me to make an acknowledgment.

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