50 More Secrets of Blissful Relationships by Michael Webb

By Michael Webb

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Only I had forgotten that. 01 percent of the US population live in. There are a few flaws in the place we currently own, but we decided that we can actually fix those instead of searching for "greener pastures" at the moment. I almost gave up a great home and saddled my family with too much debt because some fantasy made me greedily want more. I finally snapped out of it and focused on all the wonderful qualities our current home has. With that contentment I found great peace. If you are continually unhappy about some aspect of your relationship or life, take out a sheet of paper and write down all the wonderful parts you can think of.

It is vital for children to hear positive affirmation of their parents' love for one another. It is equally crucial to see parents backing up those words with deeds showing that they really are special to each other. It's giving warm hugs and gentle kisses; lightly scratching backs or massaging shoulders; snuggling together while watching movies; buying gifts or making presents for each other "just because"; talking with each other and laughing out loud. Your children are likely to emulate you when it comes time for them to find a spouse.

Then the King explained his decision. He told the people in his country that peace is not the same as the absence of conflict. Peace is first and foremost a state of mind. Those who know and have real peace have love in their hearts even when turmoil and turbulence surround them. If you don't feel at peace in your relationship, there is likely more that is going on than just external conflicts. Real peace comes from: • • • • • • • Not trying to change your mate Being content with the blessings you do have and not always wanting more, more, more Not worrying over things in which you have no control Forgiving others of wrongs they have done against you or those you love Always looking for the silver lining in gloomy situations Giving thanks to God for everything, even the trials that make us stronger Knowing God's plan for mankind and trusting in Him 33 When Helping Hurts When Athena and I lived out near Los Angeles we saw quite a few panhandlers.

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