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Write a sentence using the subordinating conjunction correctly. Circle the conjunction. 1h I can use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. Pa r t I I de n t ify t h e w or ds be low a s coor din a t in g or su bor din a t in g con j u n ct ion s: or ________________________________________________ but _______________________________________________ alt hough ___________________________________________ and _______________________________________________ because ___________________________________________ Pa r t I I W r it e a se n t e n ce u sin g on e of t h e se coor din a t in g con j u n ct ion s cor r e ct ly.

Brilliant means _______________________ vacant means ________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ The word ascend means to go up. Write a sentence with context clues using ascend. The word contribute means to give. Write a sentence with context clues using contribute. 4a, b I can igure out the meanings of new words by using synonyms, antonyms, and other context clues. Pa r t I W r it e t h e de fi n it ion for t h e n e w w or d in e a ch se n t e n ce by u sin g t h e con t e x t clu e s.

The load of bricks was t oo heavy for one m an t o carry by him self. What is t he fi rst verb defi nit ion for load? __________________________________________________ Based on t he sent ence, circle t he let t er for t he best defi nit ion of load – a. t o fi ll b. t o put bullet s in a gun c. 5a I can explain the meanings of literal and nonliteral words and phrases in context. 5a I can explain the meanings of literal and nonliteral words and phrases in context. It’s raining cats and dogs outside!

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