Media Reviews

“… Rebecca Hoodwin – her perfectly executed scene brought tears to my eyes.  A complex, sophisticated talent that I am honored to have met…”
–Harley Kaplan, Casting Director

DRIVING MISS DAISY,  Music Theatre of CT

“… Rebecca brings a welcome starch and vinegar to her Daisy, a role that can easily fall into sentimental goo if not approached with a spine of steel…”
–Tom Holehan, Connecticut Critics Circle

DRIVING MISS DAISY,  Music Theatre of CT

“… Rebecca Hoodwin gives a beautifully modulated performance as Miss Daisy.   Ranging from extreme stubbornness to a kindness that is almost beyond her own will, this portrayal is a marvel…”
–Zander Opper, Regional Reviews

CABARET,  Trump Plaza, Atlantic City

“… John Dewar as Schultz and Rebecca Hoodwin as Schneider give such touching performances, it’s hard to imagine any other actors in these roles…”
–Phil Roura, Daily News

CABARET,  North Carolina Theatre

“…and I’ll definitely remember Rebecca Hoodwin’s weatherbeaten, worn — and entirely appropriate — singing voice as Schneider … “What Would You Do?” 
–Brian Woods, IndyWeek

THE HEIRESS,  Roundtable Ensemble, NY

“… Rebecca Hoodwin is so focused and so much “in the moment” that you’ll find yourself wishing she had more stage time…”
–Michael Portantiere,

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (tour, various cities)

“Rebecca Hoodwin brings a wonderful depth to Tevye’s wife, Golde”
–Kathryn Martin, LA Reader

“Rebecca Hoodwin maintains Golde’s dignity and has a strong clear alto.”
–Don Shirley LA Times

“Rebecca Hoodwin as Golde is the perfect match for Bikel’s Tevye and that’s saying something.”
Paul Langford, Long Beach critic

“As Tevye’s wife, Golde, Rebecca Hoodwin gets at the softness as well as the stridency of the wisecracking lady…”
— Pamela Sommers,  The Washington Post

COOPER SAVAGE, Emerging Artists Theatre, NY

“…terrific performances…particularly the much younger Rebecca Hoodwin’s marvelously detailed 97-year-old mother…”
–Doug DeVita,

And one from memory lane with love…

MAN OF LA MANCHA, Forestburgh Playhouse

“Rebecca Hoodwin’s Aldonza/Dulcinea is earthy, coarse and sexual…. to her credit she shows the vulnerable girl beneath the ill-used and hard exterior.  Her rendition of “It’s All the Same,” “What Do You Want of Me,” and her dramatic “Aldonza” gives credence to her long list of performance credits.  She evinces a stage presence and experience which amply compliments the Forestburgh Playhouse standards…”
–Barbara Newberg, The Mountain News