This is my first blog

Hello all.  This is a test of my new Web site.


11 Responses to This is my first blog

  1. Rachel says:

    Hey!!! Awesome site. I LOVE the videos. What did Sister Sam appear in? (Paul wants to borrow the outfit for Halloween.) And what about the trannie take?


  2. Rachel says:

    PS: Did I pass the test?

  3. Duane Marble and David Howard says:

    Great website, Rebecca. Hope to see you again soon. Love, US

  4. Pamela Peak says:

    Fabulous new website! You are one talented lady, Rebecca! So good to see your incredible smile and all you are doing. Keep me updated!

  5. Carolyn Popp says:

    Love the website – nice photos and videos. Miss you – let’s do coffee (or a glass of wine?) Carolyn

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks! Yes, that would be wonderful to get together. When are you in town next? Let me know and we can meet up and catch up!

  6. glen vincent says:

    Rebecca, Gr8 Job!… I’m Very happy for all ur success in showbiz!!!… Respectfully, Glen Vincent

  7. Oel wingo says:

    How awesome to find this webpage. One of my favorite people. Fond memories of you at UF. So glad you achieved your acting goals. It was grand reading about you.

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